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Media and Endorsements

What is an endorsement? Often the key element in an advertisement or marketing campaign, a product endorsement is a public declaration from a person or organization in support of a product’s features, quality, benefits, and/or brand.

Prominent on Social Media Handles

Droit is prominent on various celebrity and influencer social media handles. Not surprisingly, our clothes do the talking for them and drive the most engagement in terms of likes and shares.


Loved by our clients and communities

The brand promoted 236 posts, out of which 143 were photos. Interestingly, the organic posts involving photo content managed to achieve a higher overall engagement than the promoted posts. 


Featured in top newspapers

Droit participated in 255 user conversations, mainly receiving a positive (81%) response from their audience. We took a look at the comments on their most engaging post. From the word cloud below, it’s clear that customers appreciated the retailer and there’s considerable brand excitement.


Supported by popular brands

Being in the forefront of fashion brands, Droit gets regularly featured in fashion magazines, journals and websites. The brand had 241 mentions from Elle España, 15 mentions from British Vogue and 6 mentions from InStyle and WWD.

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